Sourdough, feta whip, dukkah, olive oil, balsamic (v, gf on request) | 16 Beetroot and gin cured salmon, citrus salad, candied walnuts, (df,gf) | 22 Salt and pepper fried chicken, basil, lemongrass, kimchi mayo (gf,df) | 23 Heirloom tomatoes, sheeps yoghurt, chilli butter, crispy chickpeas, chives (gf,v) | 19 Halloumi fries, beetroot and horopito relish, tabbouleh, tahini yoghurt (v) | 22 Kingfish ceviche, coconut lime sauce, kaffir lime, chilli, toasted coconut (df,gf) | 24 Glazed lamb ribs, pickled courgette, burnt eggplant dip, black garlic labneh, toasted spices (gf) | 26 Salt and pepper calamari, chilli soy caramel, pickled ginger (gf) | 19 Smoked jalapeno poppers, chipotle aioli, pickled red onion, parmesan (v) | 18 Seared beef carpaccio, capers, rocket, balsamic, black garlic aioli, sourdough (df,gf on request)


Herb crusted lamb backstrap, cripsy potatoes, pepperonata, tomatoes, olives, goat's feta, jus (gf on request) | 38 Beer battered fish of the day, fries, orange, fennel and walnut salad, tartare (df) | 30 Goat's cheese and heirloom tomato spaghetti, courgette, chilli, creme fraiche, soft herbs, pine nuts (v) | 28 Lemon and thyme chicken burger, cos lettuce, avocado, streaky bacon, swiss cheese, fries | 28 Crispy skin salmon, Israeli couscous, pineapple salsa, tahini yoghurt | 34 Steaks - served with potato and leek gratin, seasonal greens, port jus (gf) 300g Sirloin | 38 450g Bone in ribeye | 46


Margerita | cherry tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto (v) | 26 Peperonata | capsicum, salami, roasted mushroom, kalamata olives, red onion, basil (v on request) | 28 Chicken | caramelised onion and fig, camembert, rocket, toasted almonds | 28 Meaty | smokey bacon, ground beef, chorizo, shaved parmesan, bbq sauce | 29 Gluten Free Base + 3 | Vegan cheese + 3


House fries, rosemary salt, manchego, aioli (gf) | 14 Orange, fennel, rocket and walnut salad, honey mustard (v) (gf) | 12 Asian greens, garlic butter (v,gf) | 12


White chocolate cheesecake, passionfruit, lemon curd, blueberry, coconut ice cream | 17 Chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, toasted marshmallow ice cream (v, gf on request) | 17 Greek yoghurt pannacotta, fresh thyme strawberries, sweet balsamic, pistachio praline, passionfruit sorbet (gf on request) | 17 Tiramisu, salted shortbread crumb, vanilla bean ice cream (v) | 17


Fresh NZ Oysters | 33 (for 6) Natural with lemon and mignonette, nori salt (df) (gf) Tempura, black garlic aioli, lemon (df)